Jaad Food was established in 2019 as a coffee trading company that provided various varieties of coffee from different regions in Indonesia. We later expanded our business to include the sourcing and distribution of cocoa and spices and are regularly adding new products based on customer needs.

We are constantly striving to find ways to provide increased value to our suppliers and customers through the creation of strategic partnerships and developing the local food ecosystem. We are focused on addressing challenges in the industry and providing a better deal for small holder farmers. In many cases we are working directly with farmers and producers in long-term partnerships to help bring their products to markets to which they lack reach and expertise. To do this we have established dedicated local procurement operations to ensure quality and consistency of supply.

We continue to invest in laboratory testing, cupping scores and certifications to give our customers additional confidence in our the quality of our products. We are also continually building and enhancing our network of local representatives across key international markets, to promote our products and educate our customers, providing them with a tailored service.

“Jaad” is an Arabic word, and translates to good, hard-working, dependable and reliable. This one word perfectly encapsulates the values of our company and the standards we continue to strive towards achieving in serving our suppliers and customers.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products organic ?

We provide organic and non-organic products to suit customer requirements so that customers have several options when choosing products

Where do your products originate ?

Our products come from the largest and best agricultural product-producing areas in Indonesia so that we can be confident that our products can meet the requirements of international export markets market.

Can you ship internationally ?

Jaad Food is currently exporting our products across the world and has secured all the necessary permits and supporting documents to make international shipments. We are supported by leading international logistics and shipping agents to ensure the smooth export of

Do you have a product catalogue

Yes. Product catalogues are available on request.